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The Bowie High School varsity football team got shot down in the third round of district playoffs, but not before the Shady Hollow school set records, both as a team and as individuals. In addition to trouncing the “used-to-be undefeatable” Klein Collins 26-16, where senior kicker Eduardo Alexander scored on all four field goal attempts, including one from the 42-yard-line that put the first points on the board, Senior running back Brelyn Sorrells broke the 2,000-yard mark for the season after rushing for 262 yards and scoring a touchdown against the DeSoto Eagles. Though the Eagles eventually won the game, they knew they’d earned it, and the Bowie Bulldogs had advanced further in the playoffs than ever before in the school’s history.

Pushing the envelope and breaking new ground isn’t unusual for Bowie High, either in sports, academics, or community involvement. Unwilling to simply accept freshmen with poor grades, the school has organized tutors among their juniors and seniors. The best way to learn any subject is to teach it, and the tutoring program has been a big success. A sizeable majority of freshmen who’d shown enough improvement to exempt themselves from the program chose instead to stick with it, proving that they credited the tutoring time with positive results.

Not every attempt is an unmitigated success; experiments with new foreign language learning software ran up against issues with integrating the software’s instructional techniques with those of the classes. Anyone who has attempted to merge an off-the-shelf solution with an already existing system know well the sorts of issues this can create. But the fact that such initiatives are seen as well within the purview of the Campus Advisory Council means Bowie is willing and able to seek innovative solutions, without waiting for the district or state education infrastructure to move first.

Seeing their parents and teachers taking personal initiative can only have good effects on students. Perhaps it explains the amazing growth of philanthropy at Bowie. In 2009, $1,851 was raised for a needy Austin family. For 2010, Bowie students pledged to do better. Organizing a concert at Nutty Brown Café, the students raised $4,000 through ticket sales. Another $4,000 dollars was raised through other means, resulting in $8,000 of aid for a needy Austin family last December.

Pursuing new heights in personal and cooperative abilities, a habit of responsibility towards their classmates and community, and a strong sense of personal initiative are all aspects of a virtue central to Bowie High School: leadership. Whether reading their web page, the student paper, or the minutes of the latest PTSA meeting, you’ll see that word appear again and again. So it’s no surprise to learn that when Chick-fil-A President and COO Dan Cathy was in Austin, the school he visited was Bowie. Speaking to over 300 students in late 2010, Cathy focused on the importance of character and leadership in business. It would seem he choose an audience eager for his message.

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Bowie HS Band Bus

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